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The statistic that Sponcil points out shows that year olds are the ones that are mostly affected by social media addiction. Poor performance in the classroom. The Negative Impact on College Students with Credit Cards words - 5 pages The Negative Impact on College Students with Credit Cards To have credit card debt as a adult with a stable job is one thing but to be a struggling college student with it is another. Credit card debit now has a major effect on college campuses as well. A lot of students are able to take care of credit cards well while most end up in a lot of debt.

This is a result of classrooms being filled by indifferent students who want a degree with the lowest possible effort. The producers of higher education in a zero-tuition system are the only ones having control over the quality of education. Financing of universities. Through this research I plan on finding the impact of the drive on students' food habits, the change in confidence on food products, the pros and. The role of Mentor and its impact on nursing words - 7 pages Company.

Lupinacci, J. Nursing faculty perceptions' about characteristics of mentoring relationships.

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Order No. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , Kilgallon, K. Mentoring in nursing and healthcare: A practical approach. Watkins, R. Researcher Heidi J. Wengreen and Cara Moncur of the department of Nutrition and food sciences at Utah State University in Logan write in Nutrition Journal stated that almost one quarter of students gained a substantial quantity of weight during their first semester of college Warner, Social stress.

FT, March Dividends were down 3. Return on capital employed ROCE was However, the ultimate effect of technology on the human cognitive system is a controversial issue in the psychological field. A recent research conducted by the University of Michigan. An Examination of Minimum Wage and Its Economical Impact words - 11 pages high school students a lower rate than that of a working adult. The minimum wage problem that we have in the United States does not have a profound impact on individuals that are years old. The problem lies with families and working adults that are supporting their families.

The cost of living varies from state to state, and states should be allowed to regulate the minimum wage as they see fit. The federal increase must first be completed, and. Some claim a significant influence of the year of study on strategies use among college students. In their study on language learning strategies used by ESL university students, Kashefian-Naeeini and Maarof found significant differences in terms of year of study in the use of affective.

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In Guam for example, the location of the university shows that there are many nearby fast food. Social media has impacted everyone in several different ways. In this present time, majority of college student use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media has a bold impact college student's grades, social interactions, and the teaching and learning process.

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I am by no means saying that all young people who grow out of the Chinese scholastic tradition will only know to memorize and regurgitate. This is NOT what I am saying. After all, Chinese students are by record everywhere superior in mathematics, and mathematics is one field that requires the highest aptitude in abstract thinking and creativity among all pursuits of the intellect.

I am no expert in education and I can only reflect it as a layman. But leadership is often an endowment of nature, or a personal character. IMO, leadership means responsibility taking, responsibility taking means managing pressure which means preparedness and self discipline. Test and exam may not be the only way, but they are one of the best ways I am sure to measure the preparedness on any subject of interest of a student in connection with his ability of unsupervised concentration and independent dedication on a given subjectbe it for forced memorization or open wild blue yonder dreaming.

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Yes, IMO, doing gaokao is a way to help developing leadership and free thinking of a student even if the test itself was mundane and mechanical. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also graduated in electrical engineering from the No. From there and later a group including me started a small business making commercial communication gears.

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It is now a private SME with permanent sales and support facilities in China and several other nations. My work afforded me to travel frequently to many places which I really enjoy doing. Come to think of it, I am a migrant worker of sort after all. And that happened for a reason. China now produces about 6. It simply has no time and should not get around to that, yet. What I meant to say was that gaokao, whatever its test content, is generic. IMO, the process of preparing and going through an exam, gaokao in particular, and came out doing well for a student is a process itself in effect to cultivate good habit of learning, independent thinking as well as responsibility taking.

I think at the present stage of our national development, Chinese educational genre should gear more toward eradication of functional illiteracy, professionalism inadequacy and lack of self respect of the mass meaning the traditional education than to incubate genius in science or liberal arts of the relative few meaning the liberal education.

What is the Semester System of Education?

Both are important of course, but the golden division for the moment ought to favor more resources investment to the former, IMO. BTW, I am a fan of "Shu neng sheng qiao"meaning getting smart of doing things through much practices. So "memorize and regurgitate" is as fundamental as independent thinking in the learning process, IMO.

In fact, the former invokes the latter. You did not say gaokao could pick up a student's ability in independent thinking. That was my misreading.

And I agree with you the rigor of gaokao instills in a student the discipline required to succeed later on in life, whatever field they choose to develop a career in. I thought long and hard about your point two. I agree with you eradication of illiteracy is the paramount priority for China in its present stage of development. That and self-respect for all its citizens. A story to close. I recall many years ago when I was young, we all had to memorize in school everything that was taught whatever the subject was.

I have now given everything back except a few of the most quoted Confucian sayings. The point is it is only now when I am much older that I begin to appreciate the deep meanings in those sayings that once upon a time completely evaded a young mind. It has taken decades for the deep meanings to be learned, and still not fully learned. But the learning did start from memorization. What an incongruent statement. Democracy has nothing to do with excellent educational systems. USSR had one of the best and awesome educational system that many, including the Pentagon, respected.

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  8. Even China has great universities like Bei Da and Tsinghua, where many of their students are bonafide Geniuses!! In fact, students need lots of discipline to do well in the learning process and perform difficult research. Discipline implies curtailment of certain amount of freedoms until the goal of studying is achieved. Only flunkies have lots of freedom with their time. In America, during the Jim Crow days, there was no genuine democracy for Blacks and minority groups.

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    Yet we didn't hear the media or anybody else say the US 'lacks an internationally respected ed system. By the way, Blacks in American had been clamoring for Ebonics to be taught to their young children to imbue a sense of self-identity, but was repeatedly rejected by Congress. This deprivation of freedom didn't seem to arouse suspicion of American colleges.

    Harvard was still crowded with international students. You have to get off that awful habit of throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at China for that nasty effect and hope it sticks. First of, China is democratic, just not as liberal as you guys in the West. But thats a cultural thing that the Chinese people have been adhering to for 2. It's a nation of ancient habits and rich heritage. People are more reservedd and they're not going to change overnight. Hu would not be pleased to see you call Mr. I studied Chinese at university and in the first year we only learnt traditional characters.