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So, how to do it? Simply inquire into the nature of what is seen, what this universe is, and what its origin. Its origin is not other than your own notion because you have become first, "I am so and so," and then there is the world. There are relations and this is the world, and it's your notion.

Now if you find out the substratum of the notion, the source of the notion, and how to do it? By simply inquiring, "What is the source of the notion? You don't need do anything. Simply keep quiet and don't think. That's all. You have not to do anything. Yet it has no name - not even consciousness. It is so empty of even emptiness how can you describe it? When you see a star, you can see a star because of the skies. You can't see a star without the background of sky.

When you see the universe there must be something — consciousness - which compels you to see the universe. When you see your own body there must be consciousness through which you have experience of your body. What is this consciousness? You have never before thought of it. What is the basis that you see? Even to start with your body, how this body is seen? There must be some basis through which you are aware.

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There must be some substratum, some source through which you are experiencing the body itself. What is that?

If you keep quiet, then only you will know it; not with the moving of the mind. If you move the mind there is body, and if you move the mind to know the cause, the source of the body, you multiply it. By not doing anything; not thinking anything.

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Just imagine if you do not think - just to see the source of the body you have not to think. What is the source now? You are multiplying only. So if you understand this thing, even if you understand you miss it. You have not to understand it. If you understand you are thinking, still you are thinking. So free.

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You have to be so free not even to put activity to even your understanding - so free. No one has seen this freedom before. You will really enjoy whatever you do in the world. I don't advise you to run away from your activity.

Other people will be suffering. You can't pay attention if relaxed like this. You have to pay absolute attention. Some say, "I'll just find out what has been spoken. I'll just go back to the hotel and find out. What's the use of the rain when the crop is dried up. It's no use. This moment is very important. You can after all… you need only one, this instant is needed; and if this instant you can't be quiet what's the use of coming here? Some, if not now, after all you have to get only one word today, now, today, tomorrow, day after.

Everyday, same thing I am saying because you have to get at it some word, someday - now. You have to get one word. It will ignite like explosive. It will ignite.

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  6. Because you are not listening, not paying attention therefore it's not working. It has to work, it has to work. How much time does it take to burn? Instantly, instantly it has to burn. Like that you have to ready, when the satsang is there you must be very ready. Come, come - be ignited like camphor! This word, this instruction is fire - let it ignite your heart like camphor and destroy your darkness! If a room has been shut up for twenty or thirty years and you switch on the light the darkness in the room will not say, "I will depart slowly.

    I have been here for thirty years. You may have lived in darkness for thirty five million years, but one click of the switch can switch on the light and instantly destroy the whole forest of ignorance. This is the power of the teacher: to remove ignorance instantly.


    If the fire does not burn the camphor something is wrong somewhere. Either the fire is not fire or the camphor is a stone. If it does not react instantly something is wrong somewhere. You will feel the presence of a true teacher - he will ignite your heart. Source : Reprinted with the kind permission of the Avadhuta Foundation. The Avadhuta Foundation was established in to further the teachings of Sri H.

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