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If you borrow a physical book from the library and forget to return it, you will be charged a late fee. Many libraries also now offer eBook loans in addition to their print book offerings. You don't have to return them by any due date—instead, their licenses will simply expire on your device. You will never be hit with a surprise late fee for digital loans. You either have to find a physical dictionary or pull up your phone or tablet to look it up.

The dictionary definition will appear right on the screen without you even needing to leave the app. Avid readers tend to collect a lot of books, which can take up too much space and make your home feel cluttered.

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It is much easier to manage a large digital library than bookshelves filled with hundred or thousands of books that you will likely never reread. Unlike print, eBooks allow you to change the font size or even the font style.

If you require large-print books, you can adjust any eBook to be readable to you, but with print, you are limited to titles that are available in large print editions. There are many independent, self-published authors who only have their work available in digital formats.

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Many of these titles include novellas and short stories that would be too short to publish on their own in print, but which are perfectly suited to reading digitally. It may seem strange to think than an electronic device could have less of an impact on the environment than traditional books, but eReaders can take fewer resources to create than a large number of books. Manufacturing one Kindle produces as much CO2 as producing 30 print books. Most avid readers will offset this figure in less than a year by switching to eBooks. While paper can be recycled, the paper recycling process itself can cause environmental pollution because of the sludge that is produced during the de-inking process.

As long as your eReader is charged, you can read in bed, during power outages, or outside in the evening without needing an external light. This allows you to read eBooks in many more situations than you can traditional print books. If you prefer to buy books rather than borrowing from a library or a friend, you can save some money by sticking to digital releases.

This may not be true for older titles that are generally available at steep discounts from used bookstores.


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There are many reasons why readers may want to give eBooks a try. They provide more versatility than print and have many advantages that make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable. The important thing is that you keep reading! If your eReader's battery dies, simply charge the device. If it becomes completely non-functional, you can replace the device and simply re-download your digital content onto the new device. Conventional wisdom says that reading in dim light can hurt your eyes, whether its a print book or a digital device. The good news is that there is little scientific evidence to support the claim that reading in low light is harmful.

Our eyes are designed to work well in various light levels. You may experience eye strain or a headache as your eyes adjust to different light levels, but there is very little risk of long-term damage. Many electronic devices with screens, including eBooks, can cause eyestrain. This is because of glare on the screen, and the constantly changing light levels as the images on the screen change. The way most screens work, you are forced to look directly at a glare-causing light source, which can strain your eyes.

Some eReaders, such as Kindles, use a special technology called "e-ink" which reduces eye strain and glare. These screens are easier for your eyes to adjust to, and are less likely to cause headaches or eye strain. Reading on e-ink eReaders is the same as reading a regular print book. I use an Amazon Fire tablet, which uses the same kind of screen technology as other tablets not the e-ink screens.

I haven't noticed any ill effects from reading on my Fire for long periods. I find it to be more comfortable than reading print books, especially in low-light conditions, since I don't need to use an external light source such as a lamp or book light. Michael Hart, who also founded Project Gutenberg, created the first eBook in while he was a student at the University of Illinois. He typed the entire text of the Declaration of Independence onto a computer and made it available for others to download via ARPAnet.

Six people downloaded his eBook version of the Declaration of Independence. The first automated reader, which was the precursor to the modern eReader, was invented by a school teacher named Angela Ruiz Robles in after she noticed her students lugging heavy textbooks back and forth each day. She came up with the idea of an automated reader that would be easier for children to carry to school than multiple heavy textbooks.

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This invention featured a smaller amount of text on spools, which were operated by compressed air. While this invention wasn't electronic, it is considered the precursor to the modern electronic book. The cost of each individual eBook is set by the publisher or independent author. Some eBooks may be available for free, while others may cost the same as the print edition of the same book. Well, eBooks are definitely more portable than print textbooks, especially hardbound textbooks. You can fit many eBooks on one device, so if you could get all of your textbooks for the semester in the digital format, you wouldn't have to carry books back and forth to your classes.

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You would only have to carry the device. You don't even need a dedicated eReader device to use eBooks. Smart phones and tablets have eReader apps available. You can load all of your books to the phone that you already carry with you anyway. The charge time depends on what eReader you have and what charger you are using. They usually take a few hours to fully charge, similar to a smart phone.

The price can vary considerably depending on what brand and model you choose.

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The cost of an e-reader device depends on which model you choose. The prices for different models can vary drastically. Other companies also offer e-readers at a wide variety of price points. The screen size and features included in each device will affect the cost.

As with other types of electronic devices, you may be able to get older versions of an e-reader that has a newer version available at a significant discount, as retailers try to clear out older inventory. Most eReaders are not waterproof, but there are waterproof cases and pouches you can use with your eReader. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Unlike paper books and materials, digital books only require one device to carry around with you.

This means you can carry a library of various book genres for every mood. For those who have trouble reading the typical book-sized font, eBook readers can enlarge the font size to make reading more pleasurable and easier on the eyes. Audio and video can be embedded to make reading a fully immersive experience. Ever wonder where that great passage in your favorite book went to?

With eBooks you can mark passages, save pages and search text before, during or after you read. The Disadvantages Piracy is the number one concern for both publishers and authors.

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While traditional books can be copied with machines, the time and cost of doing so typically keeps this type of piracy at bay. Many people still prefer being able to hold a traditional book in their hands. While one advantage of eBook devices is their ability to enlarge fonts for easier reading, the fact is one is still reading off an LCD screen.

With the wide variety of formats and eReader devices on the market, choosing which device is the right one for all situations can be nearly impossible. Though compatible formats have been introduced that should allow most readers to view purchases, many of these still lack proper formatting.

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