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Sustainable tourism is only achievable through the development of alternative and new forms of tourism. Critically discuss this statement with reference to one or more examples of alternative tourism in developed or developing countries. The development of Sustainable Tourism has allowed society to meet their own present needs, without compromising such needs of future generations Weaver and Lawton, Much attention in relation to sustainable tourism has been devoted to Alternative Tourism….

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Home Page Sustainable Tourism Essay. Open Document. In a time where the environment is an important economic and political issue, sustainability has become essential in the marketplace. Something is said to be sustainable when it has no negative impact on the environment or as minimal as possible. They also said they would have a better image of the company that actively invest in these kinds of initiatives. Tourism and hospitality companies are attempting to capitalize on this image and market by creating multiple changes in company policies. Sustainable tourism places a broad-based obligation on society especially those involved with tourism.

Things such as government involvement, education and the rising number of ecotourists have made sustainable tourism destinations very popular.

Tourism : Tourism And Sustainable Tourism

An example of an organization that is promoting this sustainability is Parks Canada. Parks Canada enforces many rules in order for tourists to make the smallest impact possible on the environment and in turn make them ecotourists. Tourists are only allowed to make fires with drift wood and should never cut trees or use vegetation. In Matang Mangrove Forest tourers can happen ruddy foliage monkeys who are populating at that place.

The Responsible Tourist and Traveler

There is really common to see monkeys mounting on the tree. Although they can look highly cunning on the other manus they can be rather aggressive. Tourists should take attention nearing these animate beings. For illustration: Mangrove Forest. Economic dependences of the community on this site The economical of Matang Mangrove Forest depence on the fishing activities and the wood coal industries. Management aims are: To bring forth a sustained output of quality greenwood for wood coal processing to run into local demand every bit good for export.

To bring forth quality poles for local ingestion and export. Matang Mangrove forest and its next coastline are of major importance as a theatrical production Are for migratory shore birds and the major staying country of suited home ground in Malaya for the Milky Stork Mycetia cineria and lesser Adjutant Leptoptilos javanicus. The most species are Tringa lockjaw, Limosa Limosa and Calidris ferruginea. The other common species includes Charadrius, Monglus, Numenius phaeopus, Tringa stagnatilis and Xerus cinereus. The particular flowered values are the largest intact of Rhizophora mangle wood in Peninsular Malaysia and one of the last countries.

Malayan population endangered the ecosystems and decreased about birds. About Heros and egrets has 12 species that are Egretta garzetta, Egretta intermedia, and Egretta alba, Butorides striatus are really common. Another bird that is called Mycteria cineria that is classified in the household Ciconiidae and in the order of Ciconiiformers.

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Foo Date: September 27, I had visions of boarding a steamboat, smoke puffing from the funnels, women with parasols waving kerchiefs to lovers as men walked with canes up the gangplank discussing the absurdity of being a tourist. As a journalist and researcher myself, I was expecting a bit more. Let me make that clear right now. And even though I agree with the writer that, indeed, it's just fine to be a tourist, I think we need to think more deeply about what that really means. Why did people start traveling en masse all of the sudden?

Steam engines, steamboats, trains — these new inventions of the 19 th century made it easier for people to move. And so people did just that. They moved. As more people shuffled around at a greater rate, tensions grew. Think of a run-down neighbourhood suddenly infested with hipsters. People get angry, people feel pushed aside, people react. Now imagine the world was this run-down neighbourhood and this newly mobile society was the hipster. Those who were already there — not just locals, but those who were traveling well before mass tourism — began to feel the effects, and a linguistic division between tourism and traveling came to head.

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Discussions on this phenomenon are not new. These experiences — think of the Paris sewers, for example — are indeed marketed as local, but MacCannell argues that many of these authentic-feeling experiences are actually fabrications. A chocolate shop designed to look like an actual chocolate factory.

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  • A dance routine by locals dressed up in native garb who change into jeans and tee shirts afterwards. Someone is always performing, even if we think otherwise. Being accepted by the locals is not what constitutes a local experience. I lived in Paris for 8 years and considered myself a local, but my accent always gave me away as being foreign-born.

    The onus is more on the experience itself. By the end of the CNN article, we land on a solid point — that travel is personal, that tourist attractions are OK. But if a CNN writer says we have to scrutinize these things, then surely we were wrong in the first place, right? A look into tourism studies — even for beginners — reveals a more realistic concept that sums up what this author is trying to get at. Guilty, as charged! So they take the touristy with the non-touristy, appreciating it all in the end. They mix and match, creating their own personal experience.

    Some people love chain restaurants but are equally at east walking through a food market in some far-flung part of town. Guilty again, but I am the model post-tourist.

    MacCannell describes that there are rituals in society that people like to partake in, to feel part of a larger community, and tourist attractions satisfy that need. The person who satiated their curiosity for a cultural icon and took part in a piece of historical narrative, or the person who shunned it in favour of a pop-up chai tea stand run by an Australian lawyer and British copywriter who just moved to Paris to dabble in chai? More energy should be focussed on discussing how to be a responsible tourist, a sustainable tourist, a good tourist.

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