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Separation is a major theme of Surfacing. This is established in the first chapter, when the narrator is shown to be politically dispossessed as an English-speaker in Quebec , at a time in which Quebec was aspiring to become an independent French-speaking nation.

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For example, while overhearing David and Anna make love, the narrator thinks "of an animal at the moment the trap closes". The mouthpiece for feelings of nationalism is extremist David, who claims Canada would be better without the "fascist pig Yanks" and suggests they be driven from the country by attack beavers. Feminism , a theme in many of Atwood's novels, is explored through the perspective of the female narrative, exposing the ways women are marginalized in their professional and private lives.

Surfacing echoes the structure of Jack Kerouac 's On the Road , as the narrator travels by car back to her childhood home.

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Atwood's unnamed narrator and Plath's Esther Greenwood are both driven to psychological breakdowns due to their unwillingness to adhere to the social expectations imposed on women. In her essay Margaret Atwood: Beyond Victimhood , Marge Piercy was skeptical of the narrator's abrupt declaration of love for Joe at the end of the novel, saying it did not stop the narrator from being a victim: by choosing a man who opts to be a loser, "how does she stop being a loser? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Is this the face that launched a thousand products?

You bet it is, but don't get any funny big ideas, honey, that smile is a dime a dozen.

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Question 2. What rhetorical strategies Description, Example, Classification, Division etc.

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Which are most effective? Question 3. How does Atwood organize her essay? Home for the prisoner represents comfort.

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A place in whereby they are not confronted with the choices that are imposed on them in prison. A simple thing like bread is not as important to the prisoner as they have the luxury of eating bread in their own home on their own timetable. Something that is not afforded to the prisoner while in prison.

In prison the bread being offered is being used as a bargaining chip. The woman in the folk tale has no sympathy for her sister.

This could be important as it suggests that the woman may have forgotten her roots and may in reality be dazzled or blinded by her own success. Leaving her sister to starve. Something that some readers may consider to be shocking but nonetheless a part of life. A person may progress in life and forget about where they come from and forgo assisting those who know them best. As is the case in the folk tale.

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  • She is sure to die as she has no food to eat. In the final paragraph Atwood seems to be allowing for the narrator to take complete control.

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    Leaving the reader unsure as to whether there is the prize of bread available to them. It is as though Atwood is using the final paragraph of the story as a warning to those who have the comfort of disregarding the complete value of bread. Asking the reader as to whether they can trust their mind.