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Literary Analysis of Imagery in The Scarlet Ibis Essay

It was not a common bird where they lived, so it must have traveled a great distance before dying. This is a symbol in many ways that illustrates Doodle. Just as a Scarlet Ibis traveling a great distance, Doodle also accomplishes a great number of things including surviving birth against all odds, and learning how to walk when the doctor said that he would never be able to. Later, Hurst uses the Scarlet Ibis, a red bird, which dies at the feet of the bleeding tree.

The last occasion in the story that Hurst uses the color red to symbolize death is at the end when Doodle dies.

The Scarlet Ibis Essay Examples

Hurst uses this last symbolic phrase to describe Doodles death but instead of illustrating the color red as terrible he described it as brilliant. Nature is a recurring motif throughout this story. There are recurring descriptions of places such as the Old Woman Swamp, Horsehead Landing, and the family house itself, before and after the events of the story.

The Scarlet Ibis Character Analysis

Doodle is enthralled by the beauty of the wildflowers in the swamp the very first time he visits. This recurring nature motif connects Doodle to the ibis and to the natural world itself, and accentuates the beauty of his life, though it is very different from the lives of most children his age. The color red is a powerful motif throughout this text. The ibis perches in the bleeding tree, which reminds readers of the color red as well.

Scarlet ibis symbolism questions

When Doodle dies, his blood stains his skin and his shirt red. In this story, the color red symbolizes death—however, it also symbolizes beauty, through the beautiful ibis, its tree, and nature. There is a reason why Doodle is so reluctant to reach out and touch the casket that was built for him as a baby when his brother brings him into the barn and tries to force him to. The casket is a symbol for the death that Doodle evaded, and he fears that if he physically connects with it he is inviting death back into his life.

The casket represents what was supposed to happen to Doodle, but which, by some strange trick of fate, did not. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Y state of mind, a song by Nas: A look at the use and history of literary devices Essay. Secret Weapon of Rushdie: Metaphor Essay. Desiree'S Baby Essays. The Lais of Marie de France Essays. Now, once they have made their judgments, have them go back to the text and use Section III of the graphic organizer to locate evidence from the text which helps them determine the guilt or innocence of Brother.

These details should be taken from throughout the text and they should expand upon the details already gathered. Essentially, students should be looking for actions, thoughts, or words from the characters which would help them persuade a jury to believe their judgment about the character. This might be a good time to have students work together—especially if they have the same perspective or viewpoint regarding the guilt or innocence of Brother. Because part of being persuasive is predicting or acknowledging the opposite case, have students pair up and share evidence with a student of the opposite opinion. The opening speech sets the stage for the trial to come, introducing the topic and presenting the evidence that will be seen or heard. A closing speech reminds the jury of what has already been presented and sums up the major points or ideas.

Review with students that in order to be persuasive to a jury that they need to include evidence from the text—weaving it in with their own words, ideas, and interpretations. They should also focus on two major persuasive techniques—using logic and evidence, and appealing to the emotions of the situation.

The graphic organizer will help them with the first persuasive technique and their own beliefs and reasons will help with the second. Finally, remind them that because this is a speech, they might want to consider focusing on word choice, repetition, and sentence fluency when writing. Have them consider reading aloud to themselves as they draft their speeches. Once their draft is complete, have them switch with another peer. This peer should highlight the evidence used in one color, and the appeals to emotion in another color.

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This will help the writer physically see the balance between evidence and emotion used within the speech. The responder should write a two to three sentence argument against the speech in order to provide an opposing view that the author may want to consider including in order to refute.

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  4. You might want to consider setting aside time for a debate, where students present their speeches in an attempt to persuade each other. All rights reserved. Lesson: Guilty or Innocent? This RAFT writing prompt was inspired by James Hurst's short story, "The Scarlet Ibis," which can be found in many short story collections, including the one pictured at right.

    Before writing to this page's prompt, students should read and discuss the craft of this fine short story author! A summary of the short story can be found below.