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Citing References in Scientific Research Papers

How do I cite a report in APA? Toggle menu visibility. Answered By: Rachel Willard. Organization as author print U. Organization as author online U.

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See an example of how to cite an institutional report on this webpage. See more common reference entry examples on the Writing Center's website. Further Questions? Toggle action bar FAQ Actions.

Waidner-Spahr Library

Print Tweet Share on Facebook Help us do better. Retrieved July 12, , from https: en. Since Wikipedia does not have authors, you would need to write the name of the article and put a full stop.

Citation–Sequence and Citation–Name

For instance, if the article is on Robert Collins, the beginning of your citation would look like this. It is the more substantial source where you found the article.

Science Fair Resources

Usually in MLA, if you got the information from another more prominent source, you would write the name of that source in italics after the title of the article. Since you got the information from Wikipedia, write Wikipedia in italics followed by a full stop. Write the date if it is possible to find the precise time of publication.

It may be hard to see this date in articles of Wikipedia since they are up to date. If it is possible to find the date, indicate the day then the abbreviated month, and the year. A comma follows this. For example, if the date of publication were on the 8th of November in , you would write it as 8 Nov, ,. Following our example, the citation will look like this. Accessed 9 December Apart from citing the Wikipedia page, it is also good to understand how to intext cite Wikipedia in your work.

How to cite WEBSITES

The in-text citation is the citation that comes in between the paragraphs; it is used when you need to refer to a certain statement that you got from some source somewhere. When it comes to intext citation of Wikipedia, you will only need the title of the article placed in quotations. Going through different examples of the Wikipedia citation available is good. When you go through different examples, you get to understand how to cite your work in different formats. Most of the people confuse when it comes to citation in different formats and therefore by reading examples of different citations you would be able to differentiate the same easily.

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