Rubric character analysis essay

Body paragraph does not contain concrete details and commentary. No text evidence provided.

Body paragraph does contain some concrete detail refers back to an example of the text and limited commentary explanation of student's thoughts. Body Paragraph contains at least two concrete detail and is followed by commentary. Text evidence is present. Body paragraph contains more than one concrete detail and is backed up with appropriate evidence from the text. Body Paragraph 2. Body Paragraph 3. Does not restate thesis and main points. Restates thesis and main points and does not introduce any new ideas.

Restates thesis and main points, does not introduce new ideas, and reads like the ending of an essay.

Character Sketch Rubric

Essay and paragraphs do not flow smoothly and logically. No transitions or key words are used to connect ideas. Essays and paragraphs have several awkward spots that impact the flow. Transitions and key words are few and do not help much in connecting ideas. Essay and paragraphs have a few awkward areas.

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Ideas are well-connected with transitions and key words. Essay and paragraphs flow logically. Ideas are cohesive. Transitions and key words are effectively used. Spelling and Grammar. Many spelling and grammatical errors. Clean and free of spelling and grammatical errors and presents complex use of grammar and vocabulary. Word choice. Word choice does not show thought or diversity. Word choice shows little thought or creativity.

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Word choices are diverse and creative. Word choices are creative and diverse and bring the essay to life.

How to Write a Character Analysis

Do more with this rubric:. Test run.

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Classrooms ePortfolios Rubrics Coursework Grades. My Account. RCampus Enterprise Request Info. All rights reserved. Your literary analysis essay will focus on a specific character from the story. Choose one character that in your opinion affected the plot of the story. Some people are even so fortunate as to never have to ask at all. The person who will be correcting the essay knows exactly what they want and the rubric they deliver should go into all the tiny details necessary to write your essay well.

If your teacher is unable or unwilling to give you a rubric you still have options. Use whichever search engine appeals to you most and search for analysis essay rubrics. You can have several options in a matter of seconds. You should have at least one friend in the class who naturally excels at writing.

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Most likely this is because they have amassed all the necessary tools including good rubrics. Some of these are more straightforward than others so be prepared to ask for additional help if it creates more questions in your mind than it answers.


Find a textbook devoted to essay writing. Many of these are full of rubrics.

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Libraries give you free, legal access to copyrighted material without paying which makes them more useful than the internet in this case. If you have the money you can also consider buying this type of book because it tends to come in handy regularly. If you absolutely cannot locate a rubric for this style of essay, consider locating a more general essay rubric and following it as closely as you think you should. Need help with essay?