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Why Is Critical Thinking Important in Nursing?

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The Challenges of Developing Nurses’ Critical Thinking

Being a nurse is a complicated job which is why nurses and critical thinking are so intricately linked. Here are seven reasons the importance of critical thinking in nursing is worth exploring and perfecting.

Shantay Carter is a nurse, mentor, public speaker and author who also runs a non-profit dedicated to empowering and educating women. From ensuring patient safety to being able to detect changes in patient status, analytic skills turn average nurses into extraordinarily capable caretakers.

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These days, putting a patient under observation largely means hooking them up to expensive monitors and watching the readouts, but that ignores the largely human aspect of patient assessments. The concept of clinical decision-making focuses attention on the clinical nature of a problem, but falls short of facilitating understanding of the broader spectrum of the issue.

Creative thinking, a combination of imagination and knowledge, can also be helpful in understanding solutions that have failed and coming up with new ideas. There are many skills necessary to be an effective critical thinker. Decision-making and critical thinking need to happen together in order to produce reasoning, clarification, and potential solutions. To advance nursing practice, it is necessary to develop and evaluate strategies to help new nurses develop these essential critical thinking skills.

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Just as there are similarities among the definitions of critical thinking across subject areas and levels, there are several generally recognized hallmarks of teaching for critical thinking. These include:.

Critical Thinking: A Vital Trait for Nurses

After evaluating where new nurses are at in terms of critical-thinking skills, look at the attributes of a critical thinker. Patient safety can be directly affected by the critical thinking ability of a nurse.

Nurses must have the ability to recognize changes in patient condition, perform independent nursing interventions, anticipate orders, and prioritize. User Name Password Sign In.

Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing Management

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