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BS1 is a unique, modern, interactive, ultra flexible and fully responsive thesis 2 skin designed for the corporate world. BS1 is ready to assists you in blogging about company activities and portfolios. It can be used to show news, events and services to your visitors. BS2 is a simple, modern and impressive premium skin suitable for various business websites, portfolio presentations websites. Create your world class website with BS2 with its advanced admin panel where you can change color, font, font size, page layout, blog style, portfolio presentation, contact info, third party integration, you can control SEO settings, responsiveness and more….

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It included everything that small business website will ever need. IF you need a beautiful, responsive and customizable thesis skin to show off your content? In that case you can use Quik skin. You can easily modify stylings, colors, fonts, layouts and other aspects of the theme. Splash gives you everything you need to set up an attractive blog in minutes. You can easily setup all of your major social links and subscriber forms from one page with ease and control. Splash boasts beautiful formatting in an easy to read style which is sure to go over well with your subscribers.

Included plenty of great options and features, the all new Readyfolio adds what you need to really get the most out of your Thesis 2. Blink is a unique thesis skin that pushes the boundaries of both Genesis and Thesis theme frameworks. With its dynamic layout and creative look, Blink is perfect for any photographer, designer, blogger, or hobbyist. A modern responsive classic business skin for thesis. This responsive multipurpose skin can be successfully used for corporate site, blog site, portfolio and many more. Derby has everything you need to make an impact on the web. Reactiv a great asset to any creative freelancer or agency, everything is flexible and easy to customize.

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With this stunning skin you can create a single-page layout, but you can always use it as a regular website with separated pages. A image slider is included so that you can create awesome sliders and slideshows. A beautifully designed, super flexible eCommerce theme that is suitable for any type of products. Clip Cart is the only thesis eCommerce skin that fully compatible with WooCommerce and cart A flexible business theme best suited to showcase a product, service or portfolio. Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured thesis 2. Its powerful customizations options focused on showcasing your work in unique and endless ways.

NXFoscor a clean, highly flexible, feature rich and fully responsive skin for thesis theme.

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The clean layout and sleek features make cleaner a great option for business, online portfolio, entrepreneur or other professional website. Best business skin for thesis 2. NXLanding is a beautiful thesis theme skin suitable for portfolio or business sites. NXTimBlog another fantastic thesis skin perfect for blogging. This skin is specially designed to make your blogging experience as simple and seamless as possible. It has responsive layout and elegant styling so that you can easily reach all your readers wherever they are! NXEnews can be configured to focus on your work.

DIYthemes Thesis 2.0 – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

NXRibbon allows you to showcase your work the way you want. Best suited for business, portfolio and blog at a time. Included lots of features easy to setup features and universal design make creating your site fun and exciting.

NXAccentbox, a responsive thesis skin for blog, news, magazine and editorial. This skin comes with many cool features and flexible layout and possibility to manage color schemes. NXNevia is a very simple, clean and ultra-readable thesis skin suitable for blogging. If you need a simple lovely thesis skin which really makes visitors focus on the content, NXNevia is the very right choice for you! I doubt that how many thesis theme skins out there have as much feature that NXHalong has!

NXBlog a stylish blogging skin for thesis theme designed for creative bloggers. It focuses on content and readability. Vocation is a clean, modern and powerful professional premium thesis theme skin. It can be awesome to use for corporate website, portfolio, blog and anything you need. Although you might avoid some factors of your site, they might be playing a very high role in the eyes of search engines and your readers as well. So, in my opinion, it does not have any of the advantages that a UI-based interface should have, while having the disadvantages of a UI-driven interface i.

I should note that I tried the current version 2. Based on their marketing blog, it appears they expect non-developers to use the template editor. Evidence for this observation lies in several implied claims of not requiring an understanding of PHP, CSS or WordPress internals to be able to use the editor and create your own layouts.

I am willing to bet that a non-developer is going to have a tough time understanding how this template works and why it is constructed this way. Sure it can be created using a drag-and-drop interface. But you have to know which boxes to drag and where to drop them.

I see theme developers creating themes at this level of detail — and most of them will do it faster by creating the underlying PHP files it takes a lot of time to drag and drop boxes, expand them, then open their option pop-ups and enter options in UI fields.

Ok, so the components can be reused to some extent — but there is still a proliferation of boxes — see screenshot above.

If you have a font-color that you want to use in several different CSS rules, you can create a variable once to hold the color value and use the variable in multiple rules — instead of repeating the color value itself in multiple rules. Later if you decide to change the color value, you can change it in one place and have it reflected everywhere.

It would have been a lot more elegant if Thesis had integrated one of these into the framework the way other frameworks have managed to do e. This is an example of how Thesis 2 misses the mark on Target Profile or targets the wrong profile. You can reference the aforementioned CSS variables in these packages. Then you place a reference to these packages into your CSS Editor.

It is very easy to miss a step in these different levels of indirection. And when you do miss a step, debugging it is time that could be better spent. BTW, if you do decide to dabble in Thesis 2, I highly recommend these videos — they are excellent and will get you off to a running start. One still has to understand CSS syntax and behavior in order to enter the correct values — or indeed — to even understand some of the input fields.

How many non-CSS-coders can tell the difference between margin and padding? And when to use which one? A business owner has no hope of navigating these settings and still have time left to run a business. Long story short, the plugin did not work. I suspect Thesis was not invoking some hook. But, by this time I was too disheartened to debug the root cause.

Catalyst is another notable mention which does not have a drag-and-drop layout builder, but has an excellent framework. There are even some themes on Themeforest which have awesome drag-and-drop layout builders which non-developers can really use. Themes from ThemeBlvd and GoodLayers come to mind. So for now, I feel like I was dropped off at the factory, given the machinery and told to assemble the car myself.

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We recently started offering website maintenance services to our existing clients. If you are not an existing client but are interested in availing of this service, contact us to see how we can help you. Do you use Simple:Press? We have a new e-book out to help your Simple:Press members get started. Subscribe to the SLW Newsletter and never miss out. Agreed on all fronts. In trying to simplify WordPress management I feel that Chris has accomplished the reverse: producing something more complex than the original.

Great post. Wishing we had seen your post here in our crystal ball?

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Money which we consider to have long since been flushed down the proverbial porcelain fixture. Continuing that metaphor: we were dropped off at the same factory as you…but, not given the door keys and told to assemble the car whilst outside looking through the window at the tools and machinery inside. Thanks again for the detailed post. Hopefully more folks will follow your blog. I really wish the Thesis folks the best and hope they make the framework easier to use. FYI — My newsletter is focussed on newbies to WordPress and business owners — so it tends to be less technical.

Sadly, I have to agree. But the structural knowledge needed to use the drag and drop is beyond me.