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In the case of students who have worked collaboratively on projects, it may be preferable for both students to write a traditional format thesis, identifying individual contributions. In the case of co-first authored articles , only one student can use the article in a manuscript-based thesis and must have a written agreement from the other co-first author student s.

Enter your keywords. Section menu. Thesis Components A thesis can be written and organized either in the traditional monograph style or the manuscript article based style.

Deanship of Graduate Studies - Thesis Guidelines and Forms

It must also contain or conform to the following requirements: 1. A detailed table of contents 3. A brief abstract in both English and French. If the language of the thesis is neither English nor French only allowed for specific language Units then a third abstract in the language of the thesis is required.

Acknowledgements Among other acknowledgements, the student is required to declare the extent to which assistance paid or unpaid has been given by members of staff, fellow students, research assistants, technicians, or others in the collection of materials and data, the design and construction of apparatus, the performance of experiments, the analysis of data, and the preparation of the thesis including editorial help. In addition, it is appropriate to recognize the supervision and advice given by the thesis supervisor s and advisors.

Contribution of Authors Contributions of the student to each chapter must be explicitly stated.

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Contributions of any co-authors to each chapter must be explicitly stated. A comprehensive review of the relevant literature The literature review must be in line with disciplinary expectations. Body of the thesis Body of the thesis should encompass sections on: Methodology Research findings A comprehensive scholarly discussion of all the findings In case of a manuscript-based thesis the comprehensive discussion should encompass all of the chapters of the thesis and should not be a repetition of the individual chapters.

A final conclusion and summary Clearly state how the objectives of the research were met and discuss implications of findings. Appendices Appendices are useful to present supplementary or raw data, details of methodology particularly for manuscript-based theses , consent forms, or other information that would detract from the presentation of the research in the main body of the thesis, but would assist readers in their review. Thesis Format Script and Page Format A conventional font, size point, 12 characters per inch must be used.

Pagination Positioning of page numbers is optional. Contact her at emilybongiovanni mines. However, regardless of which option you choose, one copy of your thesis will be deposited into our own Mines Institutional Repository and made Open Access on this platform. The following flowchart depicts the publishing process. ProQuest offers students the option to publish their thesis using Traditional Publishing at no cost or Open Access Publishing for a fee.

Thesis & Dissertation Information

Either option allows open access in the Mines Institutional Repository, but the Open Access Publishing also allows open access in the ProQuest repository. To view the publishing differences, please click here. You will be offered several options for restricting access referred to as an embargo when submitting your thesis through ProQuest. These same embargoes will be applied to the copy made available through the Arthur Lakes Library at Mines.


Embargo options should be discussed with your advisor. Effective Spring , embargo agreements will no longer be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. Please make sure that both sections in ProQuest match. You will be offered two embargo options: six months and one year. These delay publication of your thesis through Arthur Lakes Library or ProQuest until the end of the embargo period.

The title, abstract, attribution information, and subject classification will be available during and after the embargo in the Arthur Lakes Library catalog. Every thesis based graduate student must upload their thesis into ProQuest. ProQuest create an account and upload thesis. Contact ProQuest: For questions regarding the electronic submission of your thesis, publishing options, ordering copies of theses, contact ProQuest directly.

Monday through Friday excluding U. Since this must be consistent throughout the thesis, it is better to not justify the right margin. Just make sure that they do not look out of proportion to the other text, figures or tables. It is not acceptable to split a single image figure. In this case, References is not a title and therefore it is NOT in all upper case letters.

Review OGS requirements. Review department requirements. Request thesis advisor and committee. If you are using MS Word, use these directions scroll down to 3rd page If you are using Latex, use these directions The Office of Graduate Studies staff and the Writing Center staff are NOT experts on embedding fonts, so we will not be able to assist with this step.

Registering for Copyright Registering for copyright Your copyright is protected by the U. Thus, to reuse others or your own published materials, you need to: Reuse ethically to avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism, i.

The source should appear in the References Cited section. You are also required to include the written release to use copyrighted material in an appendix to the thesis. The two sections below will further explain when you need to and how to request permissions to reuse copyrighted materials. Some publishers provide a document or policy statement on their website that explicitly allows materials produced by the candidate to be included in their thesis or dissertation without obtaining explicit permission. Others provide links and directions as to how to obtain the necessary permission from the publisher.

If no specific policies or instruction for reusing in a thesis or dissertation is available, request permission via one of the following approaches. Ensure the publisher knows that you are reusing the material in a thesis or dissertation. Make sure you save the confirmation email.

How to Write Thesis in Latex (Latex Tutorial, Episode -22)

It may take a few weeks for some publishers to respond to your requests. So, seeking for the permissions earlier than later. Make sure you save all the communications. However, I was afraid that the complex structure of a PhD thesis, including decent positioning of figures and automatical labelling of 6 chapters, would be too much for Google Docs.

Install LaTex

Please proof me wrong. Markdown I use R Markdown a lot for drafting short reports of R analyses. I like its simple and clear style. I also read about some people who wrote their whole thesis in R Markdown. Notepad This is a joke. So I was left with only one more option: LaTeX Our Maths professor motivated us to use LaTeX in the Math courses during our bachelor years to digitalise exercises and share them with other students. Why did I use LaTeX? Here are the reasons why I was finally convinced to use LaTeX: LaTeX is light Opening and editing your document is really fast as it contains plain text only.

No need to load in the image files, hyperlinked references or complex tables, which can potentially crash your software, resulting in loss of data or formatting. These things are added only when you decide to convert your raw. Finding the right way to phrase your extreme interesting findings can be a troublesome and daunting task. Marton agrees. This reminds me of the reason why I switched from third party software for data visualisation, to using ggplot2. Coding gives you much more flexibility than pushing several buttons on a user interface.

I admit, it takes some time to get to know several commands before you are able to tune the style exactly the way you want it, but the LaTeX community is big and happy to help! For example, in my thesis, each chapter starts with a large right-justified number followed by the title of the chapter. Furthermore every chapter needs to start on the right page of the booklet. The style guide that I use, does all of this automatically.

LaTeX makes it easy to switch the order of chapters At a certain point, we decided to switch the order of my chapters.


This means that every reference in that chapter, which starts with the number of that chapter e. Figure 2. Dit delen: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by swuyts. Published 29 October