Each stage of life brings new choices essay

You see, choices are just the offer. Decisions are the really hard part. I typically have to over-analyze each option to prevent sub-optimal solutions. But while Al was concise and totally quotable, it lacks specificity. You see, not all choices matter that much. Financial choices are pretty important.

There are about a zillion financial choices in our lifetime. All evidence indicates that they did indeed make good choices, or at least effectively hid the poor ones.


Each Stage in life brings new choices Sample Essay

About a third of the subjects waited the fifteen minutes necessary to get the second marshmallow. Follow-up studies with the same subjects showed the kids that were able to delay gratification were better students and even had higher SAT scores. The corollaries to financial well-being are obvious, of course.

People who choose to fund retirement programs like IRAs and k accounts, instead of burning through all the bucks in the weekend after payday, are arguably more likely to have a prosperous retirement. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with being frugal. Frugality is an common trait found in the Financial Independence FI community.


What gives you energy? What provides rewarding experiences that last? Weird, but okay! We all need to have some fun, and within reason, it cool to drop some Benjamins now and then on the things that make your life meaningful. So what constitutes the good choices? You get to decide yay! But how? Readers of FutureStateRenee. Unless you discover that collecting all the shiny things is truly important to you — in which case, you just be you.

Discovering your own set of values might make some decisions a little more straightforward, and diminish the likelihood of those distractions.

Designing A Life For Creating Others ' Experiences

Of course, nobody is promising an easy time of it. Hard Choices, Easy Life. But it works for him. Which is the point, of course. Do what works for you. Conversely, if you find peace and contentment in your time alone, then solo activities or quiet meditation may be your thing.

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Obviously, these are simplistic examples, and your personal values are probably much more complex that that. Does it always happen? Nope — I remain human and therefore fickle at times.

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Your personal values are a stew for which no one else can give you the recipe. Owning your own values and your choices is pretty important to living the life that matters most to you, not to someone else. Our polarized society seems to be dividing people into one side or another, with media and political talking heads feeding a Twitter-fueled inferno.

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Spend some time thinking about your real priorities. Study groups and internet tutors were life savers. New classes bought on unexpected work loads, three times my usual amount. Segregated from old friends and old partying habits, I felt my life to be very boring yet filled constantly with chaos and homework. The summer post-secondary was awesome. Parties, Mexico and parties in Mexico filled my vacation.

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  4. My friends and I were well past "carefree"; we partied without fretting and acted without thinking. Unfortunately, I had become accustomed to this life and staying at home every night was, at first, very challenging.

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    7. My new responsibility to school made turning down people when they asked for me to go out with them difficult. Now destines to live without freedom, a prisoner of my own ambitions, I pushed all pretentious thoughts out of my mind and focused on the task at hand - school. I thought that if I could only get my degree, life would be so much easier. With concentrating on school in mind, I set out to achieve my goal.