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Anonymous Thursday, August 17, pm. She knew their father liked a cup of hot tea after eating sandwiches. The whole family enjoyed the sandwich meal. Somehow, they were thinking that those were the best sandwiches they had ever tasted. The strong wave was sweeping the child away.


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The child was drifting in the water. It was obvious that she could not swim. And there were no lifeguards around. Gopal could hear more shouts.

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Please someone save her! The girls standing around her also started crying. They were helpless for they could not do anything to save the little girl. Gopal knew he must act fast. He ran to the sea. He swam as fast as he could to the child. In a few minutes, he reached the little girl. With his strong arms, he grabbed the child and pulled her to him. Meena and her parents were standing on the shore. They were worried for Gopal.

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No doubt he was a good swimmer but the waves were very strong. But they felt relief when they saw him swimming back to the shore with the child holding onto him. There was a big crowd of people by then. They saw Gopal carrying the little girl towards a deckchair.

She was still alive!

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Soon all of them were clapping and cheering him on. Eagerly — keen, interested. Drifting - floating.

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Obvious - clear, apparent. Relief - a feeling of calm or comfort. It has to be a short story about the beach outing and not a description. Start the story with the setting and the names of the characters. Build the events to a climax. An interesting climax can be saving someone from drowning. The past tense should be used. Instead, conclude it by highlighting the moral. Write a short story about how a proud girl learnt to be humble.

Helen is the daughter of a rich businessman.