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He is focusing on developing electrocatalysts to convert CO2 into value-added chemicals within various local reaction environments to study the reaction mechanism and achieve enhanced performance. His research focuses in direct electrolytic ammonia production. His bachelor and master theses were performed in the MECS group as well, studying bipolar membranes and gas diffusion electrodes, respectively, making integration within the group fluent. Although the main topic of Marks research is electrochemical CO2 reduction, the exact direction of his work is flexible.

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An example of this is the potential of the partial conversion of industrial blast furnace gas to value-added products by investigating the effect of stream composition on the activity, selectivity and stability of gas diffusion electrodes. His research focuses on studying the semiconductor — electrolyte interface of photoelectrochemical systems, making use of in-operando and surface science techniques.

Now her research focuses on the electrochemical reduction of CO2. She is interested in the mechanism study of CO2 reduction based on Cu electrodes, including reaction pathways, mass transport effects, etc. David A.

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Ming Ma - PhD Dr. Marco Valenti - PhD Dr. Bartek J. His master dissertation concerned research on thermoelectric heat flux sensors. His research interests focused on the development of efficient metal oxide photoanode materials for solar water splitting, nickel based oxygen evolution catalysts and in situ electrochemical spectroscopy techniques.

His research mainly focuses on heterogeneous nanocatalysts for the electrochemical reduction of CO2, including the fabrication, characterization, catalytic performance and reaction mechanism of nanostructured metallic catalysts. Ibadillah A. He earned his master degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from Delft University of Technology and completed his master thesis in Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group, focusing on optical enhancement for silicon heterojunction solar cells.

Wilson Smith and Prof. Bernard Dam. His research interests include solar energy conversion and semiconductor photoelectrochemistry. His research focuses on interfacial energetics and charge transfer of semiconducting photoelectrodes for solar hydrogen evolution and water oxidation using silicon solar absorber and earth-abundant catalysts. In his spare time, he enjoys reading popular science books, travelling, and photography.

He loves playing basketball and hiking. Smith Wilson A. Reusable rocket stages is a trend in launch vehicles that have been observed for some time now. This thesis is on the development of a genetic optimisation algorithm to determine the economic feasibility of upper stage reusability.

In the past decades, air traffic growth has resulted in increasingly complex situations. In order to guarantee safety and efficiency is maintained, new automation tools and interfaces must be developed. This display In order to reduce CO2 emission, district heat networks and carbon-neutral heat energy production are being developed in the Netherlands. This resulted in an increasing amount of district heating systems DHS in the horticulture areas.

What makes a startup successful? How to define success? Existent models on startup success prediction often left aside significant predictors which may not be available in typical business databases such as crunchbase.



In this research, focused on a population of five thousand organisations from the Dutch startup ecosystem, we go beyond Wave dissipation in a permeable structure: Experimental research on the physical processes causing energy dissipation inside an array of cylinders. Mangrove forests, which serve as a natural sea defence, have been degraded by human action during the last decades. To protect and recover these areas, different types of permeable structures consisting of bamboo have been proposed and applied.

However, these structures are currently based on engineering judgement, as design rules are not Small scale testing of crawler outlet diffusers for plume reduction of offshore mining. Over recent years, there has been an increase in demands for rare and precious minerals worldwide.

Prices are rapidly increasing, and there is an identifiable risk of an increasing supply shortage of raw materials, Neuromuscular fatigue NMF may induce changes in hamstring contractile strength and sprinting technique, which are potential causes for the observed increase in HSI risk during each half.

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Objectives - The aim of this study was to In the construction industry, it is common to predict manufacturing times of structural elements based on the experience of shop managers. With the increasing use of Building Information Models BIM and data analysis in manufacturing processes an opportunity for improving the accuracy of predicted manufacturing times arises. This research Accurate indoor localization is essential for autonomous robotic agents to perform tasks ranging from warehouse management to remote sensing in greenhouses.

Recently Ultra Wideband UWB distance measurements have been used to estimate position and velocity indoors. These UWB-measurements are known to be corrupted by a varying bias. Numerical simulations of a novel offshore floating solar system: A study on the simulation possibilities for an interconnected, multi-body floating system using a combined frequency-time domain approach. The development of renewable energy applications has become increasingly important in the past couple of years due to a growing global energy demand and increasing consciousness of global warming.

A recent development in renewable energy is the application of offshore floating solar systems.

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A prototype design for this application, as developed