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This is why there are indicators that can be used to access the effectiveness of a leader , regardless of the industry and one of such indicators is his ability to overcome the hindrances to meeting the organizational goals and objectives. The idea of continuous innovation is not only used in the field of technology.

It may also be considered important in other fields such as in the field of nursing in this case.

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Any nursing organization which has failed to continuously innovate either the delivery of its product and services or the quality of its products and services themselves would surely suffer from the negative consequences of being left out by its competitors who have managed to do the opposite — to continuously introduce innovations despite the often high price that organizations have to pay for it.

Introducing innovation is not a one-night thing. It is rather a continuous process and most of the time, the leader of the organization plays a major role on whether an organization would be highly innovative or otherwise Stanley, Also, the process of introducing innovation is often coupled with the process of introducing changes. Innovation is something that would not be made possible without introducing changes. Other goals that the nursing leader may participate may have something to do with increasing the affordability and the accessibility of health and patient care.

An effective leader often exhibits a set of personal qualities that would help him surpass the hurdles involved in achieving the goals and objective of the organization, some of which include but may not be limited to persistence, initiative, integrity, courage, and his ability to handle stress. Nurses are often forced to be creative and innovative in their work. This is because they are the ones who usually have the first-hand experience in interacting with patients.

Nurses function as the front liners when it comes to patient care.

Essay on Change Management Reflective Review

The same is, in fact, true for nurse leaders, except for the fact that they have the added responsibility of managing and leading people. Also, their co-nurses look up to their nurse leaders and often, an ineffective and highly inefficient nurse leader creates an equally ineffective and highly inefficient set of new nurse leaders as well. In the end, the purpose of the nursing leader would always have something to do with the ultimate goal of meeting the expectations of the entire department in meeting department and organizational goals and objectives.

In this case, being a nursing leader is more concerned with being a role model to the people, exhibiting the signs of being a leader such as having integrity and excellent communication skills, among other traits of being an effective nursing leader. Davidson, P. Journal of Nursing Management, Howieson, B. What is Clinical Leadership: A Journal-based meta-review. International Journal of Clinical Leadership, Marquis, B.

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Classical Views of Leadership and Management. Lippincot Williams and Wilkins. Wolters Kluwer Health. Stanley, D. Congruent Leadership: Values in Action. Journal of Nursing Management , Case Study of Valerie Lemmie on the Basis of Ethical and Leadership Theories The following analysis involves a case study of ethical and leadership issues surrounding the decisions and actions of Ms. Valerie Lemmie, who was the City Manager of Dayton.

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    Hence, comparison between my abilities with change practitioner abilities reveals that I have required competencies to perform as a change practitioner. On the contrary, uncertainly changed environment is unfavourable for me I choose to resist the change and feel stressful. I clear this point with the support of an illustration: I am employee in an organisation. The organisation announces that we are going to increase the salary of employees.

    Consequence, my personal response to change in favour and I would accept this change. On other hand, unfortunately if organisation announces that we are going to reduce the salary of employees due to recession in market then I choose resist the change and come in to stress In my sight, change shows real image of individuals to the organisation. Those individuals who accept change in a positive manner and those who struggle to survive in change environment. It indicates positive attitude or image of individual and organisation can have faith in them.