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The end result of any operational change should be providing more value to customers, both shop owners agree. Five years ago, Minutillo asked for an honest assessment of his business from one of his regular jobbers. He was also an I-CAR instructor, so he felt his team was well-equipped for all facets of the repair process. And it was something he obsessed with in his shop—hence the question posed to the jobber in The jobber did a thorough examination of the business, pouring over financial and production numbers and comparing it to other similar-sized facilities.

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We had three bays for each tech. The shop was fairly cluttered. We were having too many supplements and things. I was floored by it all. For the entire company, cycle time—key-to-key, including weekends—is 7.

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  • Minutillo designed his repair process with the Theory of Constraints in mind: He focused on eliminating each and every bottleneck that was limiting his business. And, he found, there were plenty. Clean your shop. He rid the shop of any garbage, old parts, etc. Then he tossed out all the workbenches, which were serving as unorganized storage areas, and replaced them with mobile carts. Organize Workflow. Minutillo then reorganized the layout of his shop, and sectioned off the different segments of the process—a disassembly area, an area for body work, another for reassembly, etc.

    He painted lines on the floor to demonstrate the separation. Organize Equipment. More Marketing, More Money. Power of 3-D Printed Parts. The Ultimate Guide for Firing an Employee. Acquiring a Growth and Possibility Mindset. Snap Shop: Simon's Auto Body. Staying Organized as a Shop Leader.

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    Building Industry Contacts. These require having a good handle on your financial statements and a good spreadsheet or calculator to help with the calculations. Also keep in mind that as unemployment in the U. Shops need a labor rate that can support paying competitive wages.

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    If you find yourself choosing between two rates, we suggest erring on the high side to help stay ahead of the increasing wage curve. Remember, there is no rule that says you can only set your labor rates once per year. Prices can change at any time for any reason, and because markets and businesses are dynamic, labor rates can and do change continually throughout the year.

    We advise shops to consider their labor prices several times per year as their business evolves, cost structure changes, and investments are made.

    They can change rates as often as they need to. In conclusion, pricing your labor can often be more complex and more involved than this, especially considering all the investment needed to repair high-tech vehicles, but these simple four steps can help get you in the right range and closer to the right price for your individual shop. Bureau of Labor Statistics national inflation calculator. National AutoBody Research suggests adapting a shop labor rate to reflect its professional credentials, such as OEM certification. National AutoBody Research presented this chart of labor rate survey results from about 4, collision repairers nationwide.

    Provided by National AutoBody Research. Consider the cost of living in your area when calculating a labor rate, National AutoBody Research advises. Did you set your labor rate based on your current business costs, or is it stuck in the past? National AutoBody Research has posed this question. Are you calculating your labor rates to take into account the cost of recouping employee training? National AutoBody Research suggests you might want to do so. Provided by National Auto Body Research. Share This:. Industry Definition.

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    Industry at a Glance. Industry Performance.

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    Key External Drivers. Products and Markets. Supply Chain Key Buying Industries. Chart: Business Locations by State. Competitive Landscape. Market Share Concentration. Internal competition External competition. Major Companies. Operating Conditions.